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We are a digital agency with a genuine passion for developing great products and services together with our clients.

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We guide and assist our clients in designing and developing seamless digital experiences.

Our teams thrive on challenges and we enjoy crafting world class solutions that enables start-ups and established companies streamline internal processes and build great products.

What do we bring to the table?

We help you succeed with your digital efforts by developing solutions tailored for your business. Digital payment solutions, Android & iOS apps, business systems and CMS based websites are examples of solutions we have delivered in the past.

We take great pride in being a reliable partner from start to finish. We assist in everything from ideation, design, development and finally deployment and maintenance.

  • Project

    We combine a team of the best skills needed to achieve your project goals.

    Together we take your concept from idea to reality.

  • Maintenance

    It is of great importance that Your systems are constantly improved, secured and updated. We provide dedicated teams of skilled developers that will happily assist in everything from maintenance to continuous deployment.

  • Consultants

    Complement your Tech-team with responsive and passionate developers. We put great emphasis on team work and would be happy to collaborate with You as consultants!

  • Front-End & Back-End

    We work with everything from database modeling to API development and integration with third party vendors, such as Stripe, Firebase, Heroku, DIBS and Mandrill.

    In addition, we use the latest well-proven frameworks to quickly build stable and user-friendly interfaces.

  • iOS & Android

    Need help developing an App?

    We have experience and knowledge of building innovative and functional apps for different platforms using state-of-the-art technology (Swift, Java and React Native).

  • Operation & Support

    The majority of our projects are maintained and operated by our Hosting Officers. We place great emphasis on server security and ensure that servers are monitored and updated.

    We also have well-established processes for managing data and system backups.


We are a team of naturally curious designers and developers with different skills and experiences. We actively aspire to broaden our perspectives by learning new tools and concepts to power the next generation of apps and services.

We love to increase and share our knowledge by hosting hackathons, attending seminars and sharing ideas and challenges on our own internal Show & Tell sessions.

For more information regarding our technologies and our work, please visit our Tech blog,

  • Django
  • Python
  • Django CMS
  • GIT
  • CSS
  • Swift
  • Ubuntu
  • Angular
  • React/Redux
  • React Native
  • Javascript

By using well proven technology, we create stable, scalable and modular solutions. We embrace agile workflows to achieve structured, measurable and impactful results.

  • Social Visual Merchandising


    TouchBase enables playful collaboration between Visual Merchandisers and in-store personnel. The platform collects, aggregates and prepares questionnaires and reports in order to unify, visualize and communicate it to Managers and stakeholders in a retail focused organisation. This empowers the organisation to focus on the core aspects of the business and increase happiness and effectiveness among teams and co-workers.

    TouchBase has been developed by us at W&S and we are constantly working to keep it fresh. Our mission is to build tools that empower and delight modern Visual Merchandisers wherever they may be. Learn more at

    Web, Mobile Development, Maintenance, Hosting, Angular, Front End, iOS, Back-End, Android, Django, React Native

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  • Smart temperature control


    Manetos aims to build a more sustainable world by providing services that increases comfort at home while reducing energy consumption through smart heat and energy management.

    We assisted Manetos by rebuilding their entire external web and integrating it with a customized payment solution that was tailored for their order management process.

    • Web, Angular, SASS, Django, Frontend, DIBS Payment System, Backend, Django CMS

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  • Expand your professional network


    Yrkesdörren is a networking platform that connects people from different backgrounds. A proprietary algorithm matches and suggests meetings between people based on parameters such as experiences, location and ambitions.

    Together with AxFoundation and our friends at Service Design agency Oceans Observation, we actively work with maintenance and further development of Yrkesdörren and Öppnadörren. This project is an initiative from the OpenDoor National Initiative (a subsidiary of AxFoundation), a non-profit organisation founded by Antonia Ax:son Johnson.

    • Web, Django, Maintenance, Internal System, Frontend, Hosting, Backend, Django CMS, Angular, React

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  • Safer flights


    CrewGuard is a company that strives to make the aviation industry safer. CrewGuard's core mission is to make alcohol checks cheaper and simpler. Together with CrewGuard we developed a flexible mobile solution that allows crew members to be tested before take-off.

    We developed a simple mobile app for iOS & Android that interfaces with secure backend services and third party hardware solutions.

    • Mobile, Frontend, Maintenance, Backend, iOS, Android, IoT, Hosting

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  • The right insurance for your business

    Osséen is an insurance broker that helps companies, property owners and industries find the optimal insurance coverage for their business.

    We researched and evaluated a few existing solutions and together with our client we designed and developed a brand new CRM system that empowers Osséens daily operations.

  • Web, Front-End, Maintenance, Backend, Hosting, CRM, Django, Angular

  • Our clients

    We take great pride in helping our clients navigate a project from idea to reality. We have had the pleasure of working with great people thru the years and we look forward to learning more about Your business. Feel free to get in touch!

    Giving back

    We strongly believe that people and companies should constantly work to positively impact society and the world. At Will & Skill we strive to collaborate with a variety of charities and social projects by contributing our technical skills to help organizations be more impactful thru the use of technology and digital tools.

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      An ideal association, with long experience of protecting and freeing individuals from physical abuse.
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      Refugees Welcome

      The people at Refugees Welcome firmly believe that refugees should not be stigmatized and excluded from society. The proposed solution was to build a platform to allow normal people to share a spare room in their homes.
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      Little Angel

      Little Angel is an initiative to help 100 orphans in Damascus, Syria with access to food, education and shelter.

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